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How to get there

From the Airport to
Jornadas FCCN

Once you land at Madeira Cristiano Ronaldo International Airport, you'll have to make your way to the center of Funchal to get to the Jornadas FCCN 2024 venue.

We give you different transport options for this route. 


Madeira Island has a direct transfer service available. From the airport to the center of Funchal, there are different schedules throughout the day. The transfer takes approximately 30 minutes and after arriving in the center of Funchal it will only take about 5 minutes walking to Jornadas FCCN 2024.

More information about the Direct Transfer service


Take HF Interurban 103 (Funchal Via Porto Cruz) and then HF Urban 8 (STA Quitéria) to get to Jornadas FCCN. This journey takes an estimated 50 minutes.

More information about the bus service


This is also an option to consider when arriving at Terminal 1 (Arrivals) at the airport. The estimated journey time via cab is 25 minutes.

More information about the cab service


This mobility platform is available all over the island. With this option it will take you around 25 minutes to get to the event.

More information about the Bolt service